What makes our chopped straw different to other chopped straws on the market?

We know of nowhere else in Wales that has the technology to mill and double dedust the straw like us, and it is these processes, combined with using only the highest quality straw, which make our product ‘premium’. Our chopped straw is highly absorbent, beautifully soft, economical to use, easy and quick to muck out, it minimises respiratory issues, composts quickly and is packed in recyclable plastic to allow for easy transportation and outdoor storage.

How much of your bedding straw will I need to create a deep bed for my horse?

To start off, in a 10 x 10 stable maybe 3 bales, and in a 10 x 12 stable maybe 4 bales. After that you'll need around a bale a week, maybe less, to top it up, depending on the horse.

I’m thinking of switching from shavings. How will your chopped straw compare?

Most of our customers are moving across from shavings and finding that our straw behaves in a similar way to shavings, as it is chopped into pieces of about 1cm in length. However, it has the added benefit of being more easily compostable and dust free, and it’s more affordable.

How does your chopped straw compare with shavings on price?

Our Gower Granary bedding straw is 47% cheaper than the leading brand of pine shavings bedding, based on a cross section of 6 leading UK suppliers, and based on an RRP of £8.25 a bale.

Is your straw made from oat straw, wheat straw, barley straw or rape straw?

Our best-selling chopped, milled and double de-dusted bedding straw is made from wheat, which is grown on our farm, or on other farms to our specification. We mostly use wheat because we find it makes a softer bedding straw, but we do offer chopped, milled and double dedusted rape straw also, which has similar properties to the wheat straw, for those who prefer it. If you are trying our bedding for the first time, we recommend that you go for the wheat straw.

Which animals can use the bedding straw?

Our bedding straw is totally natural and can be used for horses, ponies, cows, sheep, chickens and other animals - and it's great for growing strawberries too!


What is your haylage?

Our range of haylage is made from grass that has been cut and wrapped in the field in optimum conditions to make a high value forage for horses. We then compress it into sealed bags which will typically keep unopened for up to six months. We do send samples of our haylage for laboratory analysis and detailed breakdowns are available on request.

What is better for horses: hay or haylage?

Both are great as part of a varied diet. Please ask if you’d like to see the nutritional breakdowns for both our Grass Chop (hay/chaff) and Haylage.

Are traditional small bales available?

No, we prefer to make ‘bagged’ bales of chopped straw, grass chop (hay chaff) and haylage. We do sometimes have some large bales of haylage available for local customers only.

How much should I feed my horse?

Our feed straw and grass chop (grass/chaff) can be used as part of a ration for your horse. And our high quality haylage is also very popular. If you would like further advice, please give us a call and if we can’t help, we can put you in touch with our qualified equine nutritionist.


How can I get your products?

You can find our products at our partner stockists across Wales.

We do also offer direct delivery for orders of 1 pallet minimum – that’s 40 bales, but we do charge for delivery on orders which are further afield. If you’d like to know more, please enquire for details and let us know your postcode so we can work out a price. We use our own transport to deliver and depending on access and volume, use either a transit van, lorry or articulated lorry. We currently deliver within about a 4 hour radius. We also work with wholesalers who sell our products within that area and further afield.

Can I collect my products?

Yes, if you are buying a pallet or more, but you do need to call ahead to book a time and pay, as we don’t have a shop and will need to get the stock ready for your arrival.

How can I pay?

We can take payment by credit card, or electronic bank transfer, or cash by prior agreement.

What is your returns policy?

In the unlikely event that you have any issues with our products, please do get in touch immediately so that we can get to the bottom of the problem straight away. Our returns policy can be found here.