• A highly palatable fibre feed chop made from 100% wheat straw
  • High in fibre with low levels of digestible energy, starch and sugar
  • Can be used for equines on a calorie controlled diet for weight loss
  • Designed to be fed from a bucket and ideally mixed with other feeds
  • Provides an excellent high fibre food source, which encourages chewing
  • Slows down eating, in comparison to concentrate feeds
  • Keeps horses occupied for longer and helps to maintain a healthy hindgut
  • Local and sustainable production reduces carbon footprint
  • Compact and waterproof bales so can be stored outside to save space
  • Available 12 months of the year
  • Ideal for transporting to shows and events
  • Sold in 100 litre bales in recyclable plastic



‘Having tried many brands over the years, this is up there with the best! It not only saves time but is very cost effective. The quality is consistent time after time, with low dust, high absorbency, plus it helps keeps our muckheap size to a minimum.’

Victoria Bertorelli,

 ‘I have swapped from wood pellets and flax and I am finding your bedding gives a bigger, softer bed and it is more cost effective too!’

      Gill McKenna, Port Talbot

‘This straw works well for us, being easy to work, dust free, absorbent and economical in use. The added advantage is that muck rots down quickly keeping the muck heap smaller and the end product is great for the hay fields.’

      George Shelton, Llandysul