‘I rarely feel motivated to make comments but really this bedding is excellent. Love that it is made locally too. Very absorbent, lovely soft, non-dusty bed. Composts well too.’   Sue Thomas, Gower


‘Having tried many brands of horse bedding over the years, Gower Granary’s bedding is up there with the best! It not only saves time but is very cost effective.  The quality is consistent time after time, with low dust, high absorbency, plus it helps keeps our muckheap size to a minimum.  What’s even better is it’s a locally grown product.’   Victoria Bertorelli, Bridgend


‘The straw works well for us, being easy to work, dust free, absorbent and economical in use. The added advantage is that muck rots down quickly keeping the muck heap smaller and the end product is great for spreading on the hay fields.’   George Shelton, Llandysul


‘Your bedding is a game changer! It makes up a lovely bed, very absorbent, easy to muck out, and I have found a bag very economical. I’m using less bedding but still maintaining a healthy bed for my horses which is great when we’re all looking to save money now. I’m also loving the fact I’m supporting a local business in these times!’   Sarah Bystram, Kidwelly


 ‘I have swapped from wood pellets and flax and I am finding your bedding gives a bigger, softer bed and it is more cost effective too!’                             Gill McKenna, Port Talbot


‘I was first moved to try your bedding straw because it is locally made and am now using it for all my horses and when staying away at shows as it’s light to carry, not dusty, loads in a bale and is easy to muck out and keep clean.’      Dee Hodgson-Downs, Vale of Glamorgan


‘5* bedding which gives a deep, dust free, absorbent bed with all the comfort you would expect from straw. I have tried most bedding over the years but this tops the lot and the huge bonus is the fact it is so quick, easy and economical to muck out. Well done Gower Granary.’   Margaret Wik Lloyd, Gower                                                      

‘The equine boffins have studied this and horses lie down for longer on straw. Lovely to see a local product like this that is dust extracted too. Your products are lovely and will serve the mental as well as digestive health of horses very well.’  Jenni Nellist, Equine Behaviourist, Gower