Gower Granary

Premium Chopped Bedding Straw (Rape)


Chopped, milled and double dedusted 

  • Ideal for horses who are prone to eating wheat straw
  • Quick and easy to make up and maintain deep, comfortable beds.
  • Faster to muck out and with less wastage than both shavings and whole straw
  • Double dust and spore extracted to minimise respiratory issues like COPD and IAD
  • Proven as the most economical and durable bedding for horses *
  • Highly absorbent and odour free due to high tech milling process
  • Composts easily and quickly, unlike shavings, so is soil-friendly
  • Local and sustainable production reduces carbon footprint
  • Red Tractor quality assured for consistent quality
  • Compact and waterproof so can be stored outside to save space
  • Available 12 months of the year
  • Ideal for transporting to shows and events
  • Sold in 100 litre bales in sealed, recyclable plastic


  * Prinsenk, 2017, Journal of Applied Animal Research

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