Putting your animals’ wellbeing first

Our mission is to bring you a sustainable range of hay, bedding straw and haylage for the
optimum wellbeing of your animals, straight from our farm on Gower.

We are the only makers in Wales of double de-dusted and milled bedding straw, which
is an economical and sustainable product that is ideal for both horses and cattle.

With more than 50 years’ experience in farming and agronomy, we harvest more than
300 acres of quality grass crops a year, which we capture in optimum condition and process in our state-of-the-art production facility.

We offer customers a range of convenient delivery options, backed up by reliable service and expert advice, plus the opportunity to buy local and reduce carbon impact.

We look forward to bringing you a consistent range of products for your
much-loved, horses, cattle, pets and birds.

A great supplier for stables looking for consistency and reliability.

Anthony Griffiths

Excellent service and product quality across the range and we appreciate the way you do things.

David Royal, Hafodneddyn Feeds

Always quality, convenience and value which are great for both us and our cattle.

Stephen Jones

premium bedding

reduce time spent mucking out